Computational Social Interaction Workshops.

Computational Social Interaction Workshop, Nov 8-9 2014.

NSF logo The inaugural computational social interaction workshop was held November 8-9, 2014 at Biosphere 2 near Tucson Arizona. It was hosted by the CompTies (computational temporal interpersonal emotion systems) research group. We are very thankful for NSF support for this workshop (grant number BCS-1444761).

Workshop agenda (PDF).

Workshop participant list including presentations and links to relevant papers. For many participants, papers can be found on their web pages. If you see any mistakes, or have not provided materials but would like to do so now, please contact Jinyan Guan (eva22hay "at" gmail "dot" com).

John Allen
Amazeen photo Nia Amazeen Amazeen_CompSocialInteract2014
Amazeen_Acta Psychologica 2010
Amazeen_Human Movement Science 2014
Amazeen_Nonlinear Dynamics Psych Life Sciences 2010
Marlissa Cristina Amole
A. Aviva
Sunny Bai
Kobus photo Kobus Barnard Barnard_CompSocialInteract2014
Boiger photo Michael Boiger Boiger_CompSocialInteract2014
Boiger_Emotion Review 2012
Boiger_Emotion Review 2014
Boiger_In press
Brick photo Timothy Brick Brick_CompSocialInteract2014
Kirsten Bulteel
Emily photo Emily Butler Butler_TIES
Butner photo Jonathan Butner Butner_CompSocialInteract2014
Butner_Psych Methods 2014
Campos photo Belinda Campos
Angela Carey
Ceulemans photo Eva Ceulemans Kuppens_Ceulemans_CompSocialInteract2014
Theodora Chaspari
Joshua Correll
Cunningham photo Wil Cunningham Cunningham_Emotion Review 2013
Jill Cyranowski Cyranowski_CompSocialInteract2014
Mark Daley
Alexander Danvers
Chad Danyluck
Liz Davis
Pascal Deboeck Deboeck_CompSocialInteract2014
Ian Fasel
Emilio Ferrer
Justin Fine
Melissa Ann Flores
Goodwin photo Matthew Goodwin Goodwin_CompSocialInteract2014
Jinyan photo Jinyan Guan
Thao Ha
Silvia de Haan-Rietdijk
Peter Hilpert
    Hollenstein Tom Hollenstein Hollenstein_CompSocialInteract2014
Deanna Michelle Kaplan
Kuppens photo Peter Kuppens Kuppens_Ceulemans_CompSocialInteract2014
Liu photo Siwei Liu Liu_CompSocialInteract2014
Jessica Lougheed
Matthias Mehl
Lynn Miller
Molenaar photo Peter Molenaar Molenaar_CompSocialInteract2014
Molenaar_Measurement 2004
Molenaar_NeuroImage 2012
Molenaar_PLOS 2014
Morrison photo Clayton Morrison Morrison_CompSocialInteract2014
Rick Palumbo
Pincus photo David Pincus Pincus_CompSocialInteract2014
Pincus_Interface Focus 2014
Predoehl photo Andrew Predoehl Predoehl_CompSocialInteract2014
Randall photo Ashley K. Randall
Read photo Stephen Read Read_CompSocialInteract2014
Read photo Rebecca Reed Reed_MixedWeightDynam_In_Press
Kelly Rentscher
Rena Repetti
Bridget Reynolds
Robbins photo Megan Robbins Robbins_CompSocialInteract2014
Nicole Roberts
Filippo Rossi
David A. Sbarra
Brian Scassellati
N.K. (Noemi) Schuurman
Laura Sels
Steele photo Joel Steele Steele_CompSocialInteract2014
Chun Tao
Wright photo Aidan Wright Wright_CompSocialInteract2014
Zhaojun Yang
Wan Yeung